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How AdsPly works? Many people still have doubts about the AdsPly functioning. There are several different questions like: is AdsPly a paid service? How will I be eligible to win? Is it a complicated interface to use? I wrote this article to help you use correctly this powerful instrument (SMMA) and to share all necessary and key information. Let´s start by explaining the mechanism: once you’ve mastered it, we’ll move on.

How does AdsPly work?

AdsPly is an online platform which has an unique technology known as SMMA, or Social Media Marketing Aggregator. This gadget was planned to aid people to conquer more publicity on the most powerful social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

AdsPly has the purpose to aggrandize the number of followers, likes, shares, subscribers, views and other key features of social networking sites, offering its members a greater visibility and credibility over the World Wide Web.

It is essential to know that AdsPlyis NOT a pyramid scam or a magic promising internet fraud – such as many you can find online. The company has been on the market for over two years by now. Besides that, the app allows you total access to the platform completely free of charge (that’s right: you pay absolutely nothing!). The AdsPly platform will pay for all features using its own currency, known as Adscoin.

All activities that are performed inside the platform will give you the chance to earnAdscoin profits which can be used in the future. You will be allowed to use this currency to improve your social networking sites and profiles. Acting this way you will be able to guarantee likes, shares and other online metrics.

The process to acquireAdsPly payable credits is very easy: you just have to access your online profile and complete the requested activities (like pages, share content and other such tasks). As you accomplish the activities more Adscoinyou can get! And there is absolutely no limit on how much you can earn inside the platform.

The mechanism is 100%efficient – if you use it correctly. It is essential that you understand exactly how AdsPly works: people have an inclination to make mistakes when they try to access the platform for the first time, just because they fail to read the instructions.

Don’t worry! In this article will be presented to you how to correctly configure a campaign,due to this you can pump up your posts without further issues and guarantee its success.

But first I need to enlighten some topics – AdsPly is not, under any condition, a malware. You don´t have to worry! Thousands of people around the world use the AdsPly app for over two years. Furthermore, in a six months operation, in the end of the first quarter of 2015, the app reached two million registered users. Let’s learn how to properly operate the AdsPly app.

How do I register on AdsPly?

The first step is to inscribe to your app profile. Use your e-mail address and a password or you can log with your Facebook account. You should access your e-mail account and click the link “activate account” to complete this step.

Finally, you should login to your account. At the time of registration you won’t have any Adscoin ready to use. To earn Adscoin you need to accomplish the activities requested in the main panel: you’ll have an array of options to choose from.

How does the mechanism work?

As soon as you earn a considerable amount of Adscoin you can use the currency to elevate your social network posts, you just have to register your activity request into the platform. To accomplish that you need to click the Add Page/ Site option. A screen similar to the one displayed below will be opened.

As an example: in the “Campaign Type” you should add the social network of your prediletion for this campaign and the type of campaign you would like to run.  In the case above the client is looking for “Facebook Likes” – that means he wants people to like his Facebook Fanpage. The “Title” heading is a campaign identificationtag, so you can keep track of your campaigns and results. It is not an obligate task. The “URL” topic is where you will add the page address you want as object of your campaign – in this example case, is the Facebook Fanpage.

The “CPC” (Cost per Click) is a key here you detail how many Adscoin you want to pay for each accomplishment in your campaign. This is the value that will be credited into the virtual wallet of all those people who subscribe to your campaign (the people responsible for sharing, liking, commenting and such). As you subscribe to other campaigns in your main panel to earn your Adscoin, other will registered users to earn their currency by subscribing to yours. And all that is done entirely through the AdsPly currency, the Adscoin. You can also conquer popularity points by subscribing to other campaigns on your main panel. If more active you are in accomplishing the tasks you subscribe to, higher will be your popularity. This means you’ll be sought after by more users – and will raise the CPC offers you receive in your main panel.

The ideal CPC is entirely linked to the type of campaign you’re running: as more competitors you have paying higher sums for their subscriptions, longer it’ll take for you to see results in your campaigns. Thus, if you’re looking for speed, you have to pay a higher price for it.

Here is another example: let´s imagine that hundreds of registered AdsPly users are currently running for a Facebook Fanpage Like campaigns in our platform. This means that this particular type of campaign is in high demand – and, therefore, is highly competitive. So, only the higher CPC will see the best results. On the other hand, let’s imagine that lots of users are currently running for a YouTube follower campaign. This would reflect on a less competition brand and because of that the result will be a lower CPC level. It is necessary to know that the AdsPly app works as an independent marketplace. Supply and demand are constantly flowing. The advice is to set a base value for your CPC – the suggestion is to start with 10 Adscoin base value – the value have to be specific to your personal goals.

Another heading you may be interested in is the “Country” heading. In this option you have the possibility to choose the countries you want your campaign to reach or you might prefer setting a worldwide research. The suggestion is to feel the market out and adapt it as needed. The “Interests” heading is also worth a closer look: this is the ideal place to add #hashtagswhich have to be pertinent to your business. This will allow our platform to select people that have a higher interest in your product as targets for this campaign subscription.

Last, but not least, the apphas the “Suggested URL” heading. Here you may insert the addresses of competitor Fanpagesthet you wish to attract with your campaign. It´s time for another practical example to help illustrate this feature:

You own a car dealership and decide to create a Facebook Fanpage for your business. In the beginning, you probably won’t have many likes. So you access your AdsPly account and create a campaign to pump those numbers up. In your campaign creation menu you decide to add the address to a competitor’sFanpage under the “Suggested URL” heading, so that, little by little, you can reach his entire target audience with your campaign.

It is necessary to notice that in this particular example, the subject is about Facebook Fanpage Likes. The AdsPly platform offers, however, dozens of other campaign options to choose from. The essential steps to set those campaigns up are the same as the ones listed in this tutorial. To spare time, won’t be made a tutorial for every possible AdsPly campaigns individually.

As soon you end the campaign set up steps, click the save button and stand by for your results! When setting up your campaign be sure to check out all our options:

Now, other two very popular social media need to be explained with exclusivity: Instagram and YouTube media. Once you’ve been through these tutorials, you will be able to set up any campaign you want for other social media websites available on AdsPly.



You Tube subscribers:

Reminder: About your subscription tasks on your main panel, regardless of which task you are subscribed to, it is fundamental that you wait for the automatic closing of the tab/ window by the system. This is very important because, if you disconnect for any reason, the system will understand that you failed to perform the task – even if you have completed it. The system will stop the Adscoin credits to your virtual wallet. So, even if it takes longer, after completing your task (sharing, subscribing, liking) you should await the system’s automatic disconnect.

Recommendation: The most important thing is that you don’t restrict your campaign subscriptions to a single social media site (such as Facebook, for instance). If you choose to perform tasks in a single platform you are consciously giving up on Adscoin that you could earn in all other platforms. This will also mean that your popularity points will be lower and, therefore, opportunities to subscribe to a higher CPC campaigns will consequently decrease. Remember: AdsPly is an intelligent algorithm operating on popularity points and on CPC competitiveness – use it to your advantage!

The best part – do I have to pay for AdsPly?

Now that you fully understand how this powerful instrumentworks – and best of all, completely free of charge – I’ll show you how you can conquer money off of AdsPly. The platform pays bonuses for subscribers – and that can help you make actual money. By subscribing to the affiliate program, you become eligible for those bonuses. There is two ways that you can join our affiliate team:

First of all you have to access your virtual office and click the “Become an Affiliate” button. This will direct you to a panel where you can purchase an Adscoin package: the company offers an array of payment methods to choose from. By purchasing a package, however, you forfeit the expert support that would assist you in building your online business.

You should opt for the second affiliation offer If you think you can profit from expert advice that will guarantee a successful online business. It is needed to look after an affiliate member in our special panel and this person has to be ready to advise and assist you in this new career. Once you get in touch with the affiliate member that has more expertise in your line of business – and therefore has more crucial input to offer – this person will forward you an exclusive registration link. This link will allow you to register as a team member of this affiliate expert – and will put you in direct contact with someone that has the experience to make your business a success.

The advice is to use both resources and become an affiliate subscriber using the two options. This way you will guarantee expert advice in one front and a special Adscoin package on the other: with the affiliate Adscoin package you can not only finance countless campaigns in countless social media outlets, but you can also purchase all the special products and services available on the AdsPly online store: which is exclusive for Adscoin package holders. So the package will also offer you special power inside the platform. Among the products and services you will find state of the art clothes, accessories, nutrition supplements and much more.

To start the affiliation process you have to pay a fee called Start for a total of USD $10.00 (Ten Dollars US). That will not only allow you to use SMMA in a network place, but it will guarantee the acquisition rights to any of the four packages, providing you to complete your purchase within a sixty day period. If you fail to comply, for any reason, your Start fee loses validity, and you will be required to start the process all over again. The company is currently offering four different Adscoin packages you can choose from:

  • Silver: U$ 150.00 (One hundred and fifty Dollars US).This package comprises a total of 75,000 (Seventy-five thousand) Adscoin that can be used in the online store (nutrition supplements, clothes, cosmetics, electronics), or to finance your social media campaigns.
  • Gold: U$ 300.00 (Three hundred Dollars US). This package comprises 150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand) Adscoin that can be used in the online store (nutrition supplements, clothes, cosmetics, electronics), or to finance your social media campaigns.
  • Platinum: U$ 800.00 (Eight hundred Dollars US). This package comprises 300,000 (Three hundred thousand) Adscoin that can be used in the online store (nutrition supplements, clothes, cosmetics, electronics), or to finance your social media campaigns.
  • Royal: U$ 1.600 (One Thousand, six hundred Dollars US). This package comprises 800,000 (Eight hundred thousand) Adscoin that can be used in the online store (nutrition supplements, clothes, cosmetics, electronics), or to finance your social media campaigns.

The packages listed above are pre-requisites for a user to become an affiliate member of the platform. When purchasing any one of the packages listed an affiliate member may use their Adscoin to purchase products and services at the online store or to finance his or her social media campaigns. If, however, this affiliate member is looking for more than the basic offers – and wants a chance to receive a weekly pay – they should use part of those Adscoin to acquire a VIP member subscription.

As aVIP member you actually can sign a virtual contract with AdsPly and be allowed to work at home conducting a series of tasks that your clients require – and what those clients want are social media campaigns. So the client will pay a weekly sum to the VIP member for services rendered – the service of managing social media campaigns for the client. To value out that pay, the VIP member should exercise the Adscoinrebuy option on his profile,changing  that into real money. Please note that any Adscoin purchased or received is only subject to that rebuy option for a period of thirty days from the moment they were received.

To become a VIP member you should acquire the Gold, Platinum or Royal packages – it is necessary to notice that the Silver package doesn’t offer that possibility. Each of the VIP memberships has a different cost and a different payment prospect for the subscriber.

But first, the Adscoin rebuy options have to be more explained. It is a fact that the rebuy option tends to develop a series of doubts. The basic contract states that the VIP member will let the perform of a series of daily mandatory tasks in exchange for a weekly payAdsPly will commit it to rebuying a certain amount of Adscoin (equivalent to that weekly pay that comprises a fixed amount) and reselling that to major clients. The AdsPly app is actually working as a currency exchange office between the major client (companies and other bulk direct clients of AdsPly) and the VIP member – guaranteeing an indirect contract that insures no employee x employer rights or responsibilities, but also guarantees that all participants can enjoy large profits. In abstract, the client pays for a best exposure, and receives for it. The VIP member works from the comfort of their home and is awarded without prepaid taxes or fees. And the AdsPly team insures their affiliates and clients have excellent service. In this situation everybody wins. AdsPly biggest secret is to be focused on the growth of a network of individuals and companies operating inside the SMMA mechanism and, consequently, offering greater results to all the parts involved.

Now, let’s detail the VIP membership deals:

  • VIP membership for the Gold subscription: It allows for variable income with a minimum rate of approximately USD 25.00 (Twenty-five Dollars US) per week, for a six month contract.
  • VIP membership for the Platinum subscription: It allows for variable income with a minimum rate of approximately USD 50.00 (Fifty Dollars US) per week, for a twelve month contract.
  • VIP membership for the Royal subscription: It allows for variable income with a minimum rate of approximately USD 125.00 (One hundred and twenty-five Dollars US) per week, for a twelve month contract.

To access our complete payment plan please click on the link below and check out our detailed presentation.