Why Do You Need to Learn Social Media Marketing?

Statistics show that a whopping 84 percent of marketers now integrate social media in their marketing efforts.

This trust can be attributed to social media marketing’s 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate compared to outbound marketing.

Bottom line: regardless of what you are selling and who you are selling to social media marketing can help you dramatically grow your brand and increase your revenues significantly.

In this time and age, brands that don’t have any social presence are missing out big time.

That being said, it’s not surprising that marketers are taking social media course to fully maximize the benefits social marketing has to offer.

For those who are not aware, below are some of the compelling reasons to learn and master social media marketing:

You can use social media to establish (and nurture) a lasting relationship with your target audience.

Nowadays, people are more than willing than ever to invest in a social media course.


When done right, social media is unmatched when it comes to building and fostering enduring relationships with customers.

Instagram and Twitter marketing for instance is highly beneficial because it allows brands to directly interact with their customer base through tweets, direct messages, and status updates.

What are some of the products they patronize and why? What keeps them busy on weekends? What are the types of posts they like to share?

The insights marketers gather from their tweets and status updates can be used to further enhance their current strategies.

In addition, social media can also provide consumers with the perfect venue where they can voice any of their complaints, inquiries, or suggestions so brands can instantaneously act and resolve them.


You can use your social media posts to drive traffic that is targeted.

A new page on your site can be likened to a selfie. You want the world to see it and fully appreciate its brilliance but you don’t want to come across as begging for attention.

Fortunately, regardless if it’s selfies or landing pages, a well-placed post on social media can make a world of difference.

Case in point: a single Reddit link can drive more than 20,000 visitors in a week. Or a link submitted to StumbleUpon can increase the number of visitors from a handful to a few hundred in record time.

You can use social media ads for targeting and retargeting.

One of the highly enticing features of social media marketing is the customizable nature of the ads.

Facebook ads, for instance, makes it possible for brands to target users based on industry, location, and even pages they’ve like as well as their purchase history.

Brands can also install a Facebook pixel on their site and utilize it to retarget site visitors—the individuals that are more likely to purchase the products and services being offered.

You can use social media to cultivate brand loyalty.

A Texas Tech University report indicated that brands that have are active on social media are likely to have more loyal customers.

It’s easy to see why—when there is interaction and engagement, you become a unified group who shares the same vision.

You can use social media marketing to get more sales.

Did you know that at least 84 percent of CEOs and VPs utilize social media to help them with their buying decisions?

Understandably, when your customer base has easy access to you, they would be more likely to turn to you when they need the products or services you are offering.

In addition, social media will not only keep your presence constant, it will give you the opportunity to easily offer incentives so people will purchase.

For starters, you can make use of coupon codes and use a unique code for each channel so you can track the social media platform that drives the most sales.