Eternal Reefs

For a long time, the vast segment of us had only two bona fide choices when it cam down to dealing with our dearly departed: Burial, or cremation. Nowadays, in light of cutting edge science and development, hopefully the cash, you have a wide variety of options.

A Georgia-based company creates a manmade reef out of a combination of cement and cremains (that’s ashes). The reef is then submerged in a spot where natural reefs have eroded, which will then attract fish and other organisms to begin rebuilding the underwater neighborhood, so to speak.


It still requires the high-energy output of cremation, but since it’s encouraging the replenishing of the ocean floor, it counts as eco-friendly. The reefs are estimated to support marine life for up to five centuries.

If burial or cremation aren’t for you perhaps one like this option will fit your positively eccentric personality. Check out more options here.