3 Secrets of Instagram Marketing you Probably Didn’t Know

Instagram is one of the top social media apps that is also used by brands as an  advertisement platform. Just like Facebook, it has a strong social hold that could be a standing ground for your business to reach out to many different types of customers.

Because of its popularity social media is one of the trendiest tool for online marketers. It has millions of users all over the world that can be turned into customers with the right marketing strategy. But more and more businesses are flocking to this platform now. So how can you stand out from your competitors? You can exert effort in your marketing through editing photos and through the use of filters and hashtags but that will only take you as far as a few followers and likes. With the already crowded newsfeed, it takes more than that. Here are secrets for successful Instagram marketing.


1.            Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are known people on Instagram who can influence their follower’s buying decision. They can range from a famous celebrity to a highly followed YouTube reviewer. The process of this is like word-of-mouth marketing through a direct endorsement of your product. The difference is that the swaying and convincing is done through pictures instead of words.

For an influencer to be persuasive, it is important that they are relevant to the product you are promoting. For instance, if you are into selling organic baby stuff, you should hire a known celebrity mother or mommy blogger as your influencer.

2.            Online Instagram Community Group

There are some Instagram entrepreneurs who share the same values with each other and create a marketing strategy that could benefit everyone. They promote each other’s account name, comment on each other’s photos and share each other’s post. Sometimes, they take turns promoting one account at the same time.

Being a member of these online communities could boost your audience. Numerous existing followers of a fellow Instagram marketer could view your post.You can find these communities in Facebook groups or any online forums of digital marketers.

3.            Effective Campaign Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective come up in search results among the many other things being posted on Instagram. The key word here is “effective”. To be effective you should keep your hashtags short yet descriptive. Be precise and concise on your relevant description. Think of catchy short phrases so they will be easy to remember.

Make use of campaign hashtags in your promotions to bring about more engagement among your targeted audience. For example, you can conduct an online contest and instruct your audience to include your unique hashtag or hashtags as a requirement to join. The right combination of hashtags will display your brand to the right massive audience.

Final Thoughts

With the ever-rising craze of Instagram marketing, you should be resourceful enough to be able to stay updated with the top trend-setter strategies today. There are a lot of strategies used by other marketers out there and as the technology modernizes, more and more ways will be available for you. You can also go to Vibbi as a resource fyour other Instagram marketing needs.

For now, satisfy yourself with these given strategies that can get you high traffic and lots of followers for your promoted brand.